Saturday, September 20, 2008

wedding tomorrow

so i am singing in a wedding tomorrow with my good friends shachah and i am having trouble learning all of the songs some of them are easy but like when i fall in love not so easy i just can't remember the words it's irritating! usually i am so good with remembering words! i guess it doesn't help that i am trying to do a million other things aswell! like planning my study for tomorrow and thinking about worship tonight and well a million other things! ahhhh...
i miss kristen too!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

a little crazy

so i realised that i never came back and wrote about england my life has been absolutely crazy lately! i started school again it is so boring oh my gosh! but anyway i have been working althought that's not going very well and i am going to get a new job 2 years doing the same thing is enough i am done! so if anyone has suggestions for work let me know! and well my family is dyeing well some of it anyway my grandpa died in may (my mom's step dad) and my uncle (my mom's brother) was diganosed with liver cancer in i think feb. or something like that he is not doing good at all right now it's really sad and my other grandpa on that side (my mom's dad) is very sick to they dont really know what is wrong with him but he is on opium for the pain which i think is hilarious my grandpa is on opium! not to metion a few other people that i know dyeing or getting very sick oh yea and my friend Chris (more like my brother) got in a really bad motorcycle accident right before i got back from england. he technically died they had to resesitat him. so he should not be alive right now but he is and he is doing so much better he is even home now! it's been rather crazy but through it all the Lord is teaching me so much it's crazy! one huge thing that He is teaching me is the need for prayer. prayer is so important in our lives and for others too. The Lord can do so many things through prayer. He is also teaching me not to give up. i have been through so much this year and i know there is still more to come but through it all i know that the Lord has been here and will continue to be here for me no matter how much worse it gets. another thing that He is teaching me is to step out and share the love of Jesus with people with so many people that i know so near death it's crazy to think that they do not know the Lord and that they are going to hell! so anyway i'll try and post something on england one of these days for now this is my life and the Lord is totally faithful