Saturday, November 29, 2008

Rainy Day

So it's been raining on and off all day! it rained all night last night so it's rather wet outside! we were supposed to hike the Napali coast today but the trail is closed because of severe weather!

So today we just hung out. we drove down to tunnels and around the north shore to look at the waves! they are huge! we got some pictures but you really need to be here to understand!

Here are some pictures! Enjoy!

So in case you were curious...

Have you ever seen in Hawaii people do the Shaka sign or on movies?

Well i researched the origin of this sign!

One theory credited the gesture to Kalili Hamana, who lost the three middle fingers of his right hand while working at the Sugar Mill. Hamana was then shifted to guarding the sugar train, and his all-clear wave of thumb and pinkie is said to have evolved over the years into the "Shaka".

There are a few other theories but this is the most likely one that is told most places!
Then we went and got Shace ice from coconut grove! they have the best ones!! :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Beautiful Friday!

Today was pretty cool!
I got up and sat on the lanai and spent some time with Jesus!! it was awesome!
Psalm 33:4
"For the word of the LORD is right and true; he is faithful in all he does"

Then after breakfast we went to the beach (what else do you do in Hawaii!)
it was a beautiful day for the beach! the sun was warm and the water was perfect!

then we decided to stop over at hanalei cuz the surf was huge!!!
we watched the surfers for a while dad took tons of pictures

then we got some shave ice! yes we get it everyday! yesterdays at the coconut grove marketplace was the best so far on the trip!

then we walked down to hidden beach it's crazy to get to!
you have to walk down this super steep stair case on the side of this cliff
we got bitten by a ton of mosquito's while we were there which sucked but oh well!

by the way Adrian says "love peace and chicken grease" "Shaka bra"

Go watch this video it's these really cool plants!!!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day from Hawaii!!!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! there is lots to be thankful for!!
for me this year thanksgiving has been the best thanksgiving ever!! and the food wasn't even that amazing!!
we decided to kayak today! we used to be able to rent kayaks from this place and then kayak the wialua river by ourselves but now they make you go on a guided tour kind of dumb but whatever!

It was a lot of fun! we kayaked up the river and then hiked to secret falls it was beautiful! at the waterfall is this little swimming hole and you can swim and go under the waterfall and everything it was really fun!!

This is the waterfall we stood swam under!

This is us standing under and behind the waterfall

it was so much pressure but it was a lot of fun!!!

then we kayaked back down the river and got shave ice! this was so far the best shave ice we have had mostly because it was real shave ice where as all the rest have been just crushed ice!!
After our shave ice we picked up dinner! (we ordered it "pre-made" from foodland) we then brought it home and had to cook it! so dumb but whatever!
all in all it was a great thanksgiving!!!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What a Crazy Day!!!

so today we decided to go to this waterfall off this random path. it's called Kipu Falls. This is a beautiful place and you can jump off the waterfall! I jumped off it last year and it was so much fun! today i didn't feel like jumping it was rather windy and i didn't want to get cold.

The path to the waterfall is literally this jungle path.
so while we were at the waterfall just chillin enjoying the time this guy came down the trail and asked if we had a silver van? we told him yes and he continued to say that someone had broken into it and the back window was completely smashed! we rushed to the car to see that yes it had been broken in to.

thankfully we had all our valuables (cameras, wallets, etc.) with us! well sera left her purse under the seat but it was still in the exact same place that we left it with everything in it! so we had to call the insurance company (which took forever) then call the cops (which took a long time but not as long) then call the rental company. it was crazy
Waiting for the police to get there to do a report!

so after we took the car back to the rental place and got a new one we decided let's go get some shave ice! mmmmm... my favorite! there were some seals on the beach there and it was beautiful!

Then we went to spouting rock! which is this cool place where water spouts through a hole in this rock it makes the coolest sound too!! and there were chicken lots and lots of chickens and a few baby chicks!

then we drove around some more and came home (well back to the condo)!
by the way i am absolutley miserable! i have atleast 20 mosquito bites (not an exageration i counted this morning and i had 19)

if you don't already know i am allergic to mosquitos so all of my bites are swollen and red and gross! i feel like i have chicken pox! so dumb!

More Powerful than the Queen

so yesterday (sorry i am a day behind) was fun!! We went to Anini Beach it was beautiful as all the beaches are here!! :) my dad had his own island which was hilarious and i was able to just sit and hangout in the peace and listen to the sound of the ocean and nap! and there were all these little crabs coming out of the ground it was so cool! although i am realizing it kind of sucks to be a 5th wheel although that means there is lots of Jesus time!!

After our trip to the beach we decided to walk 2 miles to the queens bath.

basically it's this place where all this lava rock is right on the ocean and the waves crash into it and stuff basically just look at the pictures!

It is such a beautiful powerful place. i stood right on the edge where the waves weren't crashing. i watched as the huge swells smashed into the rocks it was intense and well a little scary! I couldn't help but think about how incredibly powerful God is. That this is only a tiny bit of His power. it's crazy!!!

I also saw this little flower in all the lava rock! it was cool to see how this little pretty flower could root itself in between the lava and be beautiful in the midst of darkness.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Beautiful Kauai!

So finally we are here in Kauai! away from the big city and everything!!
side note one thing i forgot to mention about the wedding yesterday!... while the bride and groom were walking back down the isle she dropped her ring in the grass it was crazy everyone was searching for it and everything! they did find it without to much searching but it was hilarious that she lost it so soon! a little big i guess?
so anyway Kauai *Sigh*

it's beautiful Mom, Dad, and i went to the beach for a little bit and walked around
This is a little crab we found! there were big ones but they move to fast to take a picture of!
There are little things living in those shells that move in and out it was crazy!!!
then drove around everywhere till we found this amazing spot to sit and wait for Sera and Adrian to call us to pick them up!

then we went shopping for groceries so now we have food!
then we ate and went to the spa all in all a pretty good day! Beach Tomorrow!!

Oh yea so normal thing in Kauai!! you see chickens and roosters walking around everywhere and i mean everywhere!!!! and they wake you up in the morning!!
and by the way there is this guy or girl in the condo next to us who was playing the trumpet (not very well) this morning around 9am so dumb!!!
and there was this old (like80) guy stretching by the beach this morning with no shirt pushing his little grand daughter in a stroller it was funny at the time!!

Wedding Crashers!

Yes we (my parents and i) are officially wedding crashers!

everyday we saw tons and i mean at least 10 Asians getting married in Waikiki! it's crazy everywhere we look there they are getting in a limo getting out of a limo getting married at the hotel and everything crazy! what's the deal?

so we were sitting on the porch of one of the hotels yesterday just chillin watching the waves when suddenly there is this couple that gets married right in front of us! it was totally fun! we took a bunch of pictures and they definitely did not seem to mind us being there!

So by the way they had the rehearsal right before literally we thought the rehearsal was the wedding then they walked down the isle again and did it all over again! weird! also they signed the license, cut the cake, took pictures, made the toasts, and everything within about 15 minutes! crazy talk about a quick wedding! the couple did seem to have fun with it though the bride shoved the entire piece of cake into the grooms mouth with of course didn't fit!

and there were more staff members than there were people at the wedding! which i thought was funny although with all the people on the beach watching and all of us watching there were a lot more guests. but we didn't get any cake what's up with that!?

I took a little video to it's on YouTube!

This is a picture of waikiki

After the wedding we went to the airport and flew to kauai! finally out of the big city! and now we are here is kauai it beautiful and green and amazing!! so exciting!

Dive Dive Dive

So saturday we decided to take a submarine ride down to 107 feet so that we could see the bottom of the ocean! it was pretty awesome way better than the submarines at disneyland! :) there were a couple of airplanes and a huge ship down there with tons of coral and fish! we even saw a few turtles, a hawaiian ray, and a jelly fish! it was tons of fun! i would totally suggest it!

This is our little buddy he stayed in our window the entire submarine ride it was cool

Can you read that 107 ft?
See the Turtle? down that low all the pictures kind of turn out this color oh well!

one of the planes! at the bottom of the ocean!

Then we walked around the hilton hawaiian village where they have penguins and turtles and waterfalls and amazing stuff!

then we walked 4 miles to the shopping center for dinner! we even found a store called SERA's surf company (i think that's what it was called it had SERA in it spelled that way for my sister:) that was the important part)

I love these fire trucks they are amazing!