Friday, January 30, 2009

so the almost final count on books

so i am now at $725.70 for my books that's crazy plus i still need one more book and 2 more packets. so crazy!!! way to much money!

and if you have not done this yet go to my sisters blog and see my puppy she is so cute!!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh school!

Alright so i am on my break from school right now! and so far i am really enjoying my classes they are really interesting it's all the kind of things that i research and am interested in in general! so i should have a lot of random information in the near future!! in my family development class today we talked about marriage and what it is and what a family is! it was very interesting so i posted a blog about marriage cuz i thought it was super interesting!

oh and by the way i need ideas for relaxation techniques i have to do a presentation in my stress class on one and have everyone do it any ideas??

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

school books

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah.... That's all there is to say when it comes to school books! i just went online to check out book prices!! it's insane!

each of my books cost around $100 so lame and each of my classes has a booklet that i have to buy at the copy place on the corner by my school which of course is each another $100! of course that you can't even get online and the one book that is cheaper online we have to buy this Internet access code at school so it's cheaper to actually buy the book at school so lame!!!

so anyway i am going to end up spending like a million dollars on books this semester! ugh!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back To School

SO today I am back at school it's my first day of the semester! so Crazy!

So far classes have been good! we haven't actually done anything yet! the teachers just went over basically what the class is going to be about! they all so far seem like they are going to be very interesting and i am kind of excited! not excited about the homework and the projects but just the content and learning the stuff! so yea so far so good! it's definitely going to be a long semester!

Monday, January 26, 2009


So last night i was blessed to lead worship with Jake, Chris, Janine and the other Jake (John's son) at San Juan! it was amazing! The Lord is so amazing! I am so amazed that He would use someone like me to be a part of the work that He is doing not only in that church but in everywhere i have been able to be involved!! The Lord is doing amazing things! and i am so excited to see what He has in store in the near future!! It was awesome to just worship the Lord and wait on Him as it always is! If you haven't done it lately I would deffinitely encourage you to sit at His feet and wait on Him!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Random Facts about Random Things!

Alright so as some people know i really like researching really random things! Whenever i hear something weird or something i don't understand or something that i am not sure that i can believe i look it up!

So i thought why not start writing a blog about all the random things that i research so other people can share in the interesting things i find! and that way i am not telling it over and over to a million people! So anyway i put the link here so that everyone can read it if they want! the first post is about why our stomach makes a growling sound! i always wondered that! so if you are interested feel free to check it out!

and if you have anything that you are curious about post a comment and i will try and answer it to!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


These are some of my favorites quotes for this year so far!

I wish Thy way
but when in me myself would rise
and long for something otherwise
then, Holy One, take sword and spear and slay
-Amy Carmichael

God Comforts us not to make us comfortable
but to make us comforters.
-John Henry Jowett

Success is going from failure to failure
without a loss of enthusiasm.
-Winston Churchill

God's past faithfulness demands
our present trust.
-Pete Cropsy

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


so i have lately had an obsession with smoothies!! i love them! sunday my mom and i went to the store and bought all sorts of smoothie makings! juice, frozen fruits, and yogurt! they are so good!! i have been making them for lunch everyday! and i have been putting protein powder in them so it makes a really good meal replacement!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Truth Project

Ok First i would like to say that this morning was an amazing sunrise!! and supposedly yesterday (the one day i decided to sleep in) was even better!
so have you hear about the truth project???
we tonight at our braveheart tuesday night study we are going to start it! i am really excited! it's supposed to be really cool and very informative! i am looking forward to what God is going to teach us and what He has planned for us!
if you want to come let me know!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

oh people!

So sera and i were driving to the store and there was this guy in a car in front of us. He wanted to turn right but the car in front of him was over just a little to far for the other guy to squeeze in and turn. The guy was freaking out. Really he was stressing out and going crazy in his car. Sera and I were just laughing and think dude have so Patience! then i looked at his car he had a not of this world sticker on his window and his license plate frame said "be a real man get on your knees and pray" Then we really started laughing cuz he's totally freaking out about waiting to minutes to turn a corner.

This got me thinking about how sometimes we put stickers on our cars and wear bracelets or other things to show other people that we are Christians and also to remind ourselves about what a great God we have. But how easily we forget that it's there or we never do anything further than placing that sticker there. We should be sharing with people and being that example to people not just some person that has a sticker or bracelet or t-shirt or something!

Lets get off our lazy butts and actually do something!!!

Remember the Amazing things that the Lord has done for you and can do in other people! don't forget!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Youth Workers Conference 2009

So tomorrow i am leaving for the youth workers conference! i am super excited for this years conference! i know that the Lord is going to move and speak to everyone! i am definitely looking forward to what God is going to do in my Life!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


So it seems as if everyone in the world is getting married, pregnant, having a baby, starting a new relationship or something to that effect! what the heck it's insane! as you know my sister just got engaged along with like 6 of my friends totally insane! i am so done hearing about boys and all that stuff! ugh! it's so not me!

But now it seems i am surrounded by people planning weddings and needing help planning their weddings! what am i doing?? i am so not this kind of girl oh dear!!!

Is this really what my life has come to??

Monday, January 5, 2009

Mercy Ministries

So I randomly stumbled upon this ministry from an add for a book. It seems like an amazing ministry they take girls free of charge in to these houses in a couple of different cities in the US and different places in The UK, Australia, New Zealand, Peru, and Canada. Basically it's for girls that have major things such as abuse, addiction, self harm, unplanned pregnancies, and eating disorders, along with other things. basically they help these girls deal with and get through these things and get back into the real world. They take absolutely no money from the government so that they are able to lead them to the Lord and make the focus of the program the Lord!!!

It's amazing! I totally have a heart for girls like this and the major that i have chosen in school would be perfect for something like this.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


So i rarely listen to starfield but Joe has been playing the song Holy is our God at the flow and i totally love it so anyway i went on their myspace to listen to the song and then i listened to a bunch of their other songs from the same album. Anyway I ended up buying the album the words to most of the songs are amazing!!

These are the lyrics to Remain so good!

Defender of this heart
You loved me from the start
You never change
Through the highs and lows
As seasons come and go
You never fail
Day after day Your love will remain
Faithful and true, You are good

You are God with us
You're victorious
You are strong and mighty to save
For Your word stands true
There is none like you
And when all else fades, You remain

When trouble comes my way
You guide and You sustain
Lead me, I pray
Forever you will be
The great eternal King
Now and always Day after day,
Your love will remain
Faithful and true, You are good

Day after day, You never change
Day after day, You are the same
Day after day, You remain

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Yay!! We made it to 2009! i cant believe it! The Lord is so good!! i am amazed at everything the Lord did in my life this year! I had a very hard year but the Lord worked everything out for His glory!!

i pray that we all have a blessed year and grow so much more in the Lord this year!!

Let's try and make sure that we are focusing on the Lord this year and seeking Him everyday!!

Happy New Year!!!