Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kappa Omicron nu

So last nigth i was officially initaited into kappa omicron nu!

Ok so it's not really that exciting! but it is kinda cool!
it's the national honor society at Long Beach State!
So i am officially greek!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Time off!

So yesterday i was thinking about how i have had no free time to just hangout and do what i want for the day! So when i found out that today i did not have to work today i thought it would be the perfect day to take a break from well life!

This morning i was going to go workout but i decided to spend time some Jesus time instead! It was awesome and He really showed me a lot!!

So then Sera and I headed down to San Clemente! I took the tops off the camero and drove down the PCH!

First we stopped at the rainbows outlet and i bought new sandals then we went to Pedro's to get food and went to the beach to eat it!!

Then we stopped at the rip curl outlet and headed back home! it was a really good day!

Tonight I am going to the Hillsong concert with some of my friends! It should be amazing!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

He came for me!

Sera and I were talking last night about time and how strange time is. How it keeps going forever it never stops and takes a break it's just strange. There is nothing like it! It's one thing that is completely constant and predictable. You know for a fact that your never randomly going to skip a beat. It's very weird and kind of indescribable. And yet how focused we are on. If suddenly we didn't have it everything would be chaos.

And think the Lord is completely outside of it. He sees the Future (what we think of as the future) as the present while the past and present are all the present also. It kind of makes my head spin when i think about it!

And think Jesus came from a place where time did not exist and came here inside of time! what!!! He must have been going crazy! It would be so weird to step inside of time and suddenly have this thing that you are held to and that cannot be broken! Then think of all the other things that He had to come into when He took on human form. Like gravity is gravity the same in heaven? or like wind? what about earthquakes and hurricanes? did He ever have to experience those?? it's so strange! it just blows my mind!

After thinking about all of that it makes me even more thankful for His life on this earth. That He would be willing to come into this strange crazy world and die for me! SO CRAZY!!!

Thank You Lord for your sacrifice even though i do not deserve it and everyday i fail again! AMAZING!

I know You gave the world Your only Son for us
To know Your name to live with in the Fathers love
and He took my place KNOWING He's be crucified
and you loved a people undeserving!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Washing Cars

i decided one of my favorite things to do is to wash my car! it is so relaxing!! I just puton my head phones and wash away!! I used to it every thursday which of course i have no time for now but doing it when i can is so nice!!

I know that seems crazy!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


The devil always knows exactly how to get to us.

I don't know why I am surprised every time the Lord is doing something in my life that some how things come in and cause division in places that there shouldn't be.

The Lord calls us to unity in the body and yet it's so hard to do that! How can we be the body of Christ and yet be focused completely separately. Shouldn't we be focusing on what we can do to further the kingdom of God and not on these trivial things.

Lord help us to be completely unified in You and for Your kingdom!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Final Day... BEAUTIFUL

Alright first i would like to share a couple of pictures from yesterday that were on my dad's camera...

Yet again more icicles because they are so cool!!
While we were getting ready to switch rooms i walked into my grandparents room to see what i could help with and this is what i saw!

Yes my grandpa puts each change of clothes (underwear, socks, pants, shirt) in an individual bag! It was hilarious i guess it saves time deciding what to wear and what's clean haha!

And of course as promised the coyote! it was so cool it was just walking down the road! Amazing!
So today was my last day i come home tomorrow (tear)
So in the morning my parents and grandparents came out with me! it was fun!
My grandparents went in before lunch so we stopped at the mid-gad restaurant to eat.
While we were there eating and relaxing my mother decided to take a nap! she was tired after all the complaining she was doing!

She will probably kill me for putting this up but whatever!! :)
Then we went out to mineral basin which is on the back side of the mountain! it was beautiful!
and as you can tell sooooo... crowded:)

The run that we normally came down was closed because of avalanche so we had to go down this crazy steep run! it doesn't look quite as bad from the picture!

The powder was really deep so when my mom fell it took her forever to get back up! While i was waiting i was getting really hot in the sun so i decided to lay down that cooled me off perfectly!!

The powder was so thick after the last few days of snow. If you fell down sometimes it was nearly impossible to get back up it was crazy!

In all it was a great trip! and no broken bones! ;) I don't know what everyone was so worried about!

Now it's back home and back to school sadly!! It's funny going away for a week really makes me miss my friends and church! I'm glad to be going back to those but not to school!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

God's Faithfulness!!

So today was snowing even more the count is over 47 inches in the last 48 hours and it is still snowing a lot!

Tomorrow is supposed to be a really nice day! which is exciting!!

My dad and i went out on the slopes! which was well... crazy! it was beautiful and there were some awesome powder! amazing! but it was definitely a lot of work to get through the powder! At one point i was waist deep (no joke) and just kept praying please don't let me fall. If you fall in powder that deep it is almost impossible to get out.

We moved rooms from the 4th floor to the 8th floor which means that we have our huge personal patio. Most years we are able to have enough snow on it that we make sled runs on it and snow forts. Well today when we came up and attempted to open the door this is what we saw...

I guess we are not going to get to make forts this year or sled runs.

While we were eating dinner we saw a coyote walking on the road. It was amazing! i took a picture but it is on my dads camera and i can't get it tonight i will have to wait until tomorrow sadly! But it was so cool!!!

And as i mentioned a few days ago I love my grandparents they are amazing!! I am constantly laughing at things they do. Like my grandpa last night freaking out about the car again! and then all day today freaking out about changing rooms. Every 10 min or so he had to go down to the lobby and ask them if the new room was ready yet! so crazy!

My grandma and i had a great conversation about the Lord last night! We talked for a good hour or so about His faithfulness in every situation especially when we think there is no way anything good could come out of what we are going through! HE always has a plan no matter what!Amazing!

His past faithfulness Demands our present trust! And yet how hard it is not to fully put our trust in the Lord. We are always turning our back and thinking our ways are better. how dumb are we time and time again!!

Friday, April 3, 2009

"It Looks Like You Have Dandruff"

Today has been a beautiful Day!!
I was very frustrated this morning because the plan was to go snowboarding today but because my mom wasted so much time that we would only have about an hour out on the slopes which was not worth the money it would be.
But it ended up an ok day! i forced us to go outside and walk around in the snow because i didn't want to just sit around.
Here are some pictures from the day!

I love icicles they are so pretty!

I promise there is a car under there somewhere and yesterday it was not covered in snow at all.
This was how much was on our car after digging it out and there was no snow on it when we left it last night!
It's incredible the difference that a day or two makes!!
This is the railing on a staircase on Tuesday I was able to actually use it and most years there is no snow on it at all crazy!
They shoveled a little walk way for us look how high the snow is from the actual ground!! incredible usually there is barely any!
Most years there is no snow at all here and you can see the brick ground even on wed when we were here walking around you could see the ground!
My mom insisted that we make her a muff for her hands so of course she has to wear.

So i was thinking about how incredible the Lord is today! yesterday the ground here was all ugly, muddy, pavement. Today it has been washed white with snow!
It's amazing that the Lord does that to us! He takes us as we are gross, dirty, and rough and He makes us white as snow! He gives us a clean slate!
It makes so much more of an impact when you actually see it!! It's amazing to see how much the Lord Loves us!
Oh and by the way i showed you a picture of one of the pools this is the other one that as you can tell is not open due to ah..... to much snow:)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pictures so far!

Alright so my parents arrived here safe and my dad remembered to bring his sd reader so i have a few pictures... (maybe i should make them bigger oh well)

And keep in mind that i am not the photographer my sister is so pretend like the photography is much better :)

Overcast and stormy

Sunset yesterday was just beautiful i couldn't help but take a few pictures!!

The pool! yes we went in we always go in!

then suddenly it starts storming out of nowhere

Then a couple hours later it is nice again still snowing though!

There are a ton of blue jays they are beautiful! and every morning they come hangout on our balcony.

And when we came out to go get my parents we had to dig out the car! these pictures are after we dug it out. crazy!
BTW: most (all except the cars and the pool) of these pictures are the view from our window! It's absolutely amazing!! The Lord is such an artist I am amazed by the beauty He created each and everyday!
How great is our God!!
So the forecast for tonight is it is going to snow 11-17 inches tonight
hopefully it will clear up in the morning and we can go board tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Grandparents are Hilarious!!

This is the absolute clearest it has been all day look i can actually see the mountain man i hope my dad brings his sd reader tomorrow and i can upload some pictures from my camera...

Today has been beautiful day! i love the snow! every part of it! so i didn't get to go out and snowboard today but i have had a very enjoyable day so far!!

I love my grandparents they are hilarious!! I understand now where my cousin Cameron and i get our OCD from!! my grandpa has to have everything perfect... he has gone down to check on the car about 10 time in the past 2 days to make sure that it's still there, to make sure it's not so packed in with snow that we won't be able to get out and well who knows why else he just does :) oh and he brought his wii so last night we hooked it up and did some bowling! it was fun!!

my grandma on the other hand every time i turn around she is rolling her eyes because of some strange thing my grandpa did! it's so funny to watch her reactions to his OCD things!! I love it! She has been writing her memoirs so every few minutes or so she goes oh did i tell you the story about... it's very fascinating i had learned alot for sure! haha and she of course doesn't know how to use a computer very well so i taught her how to double space without having to hit enter at the end of each line oh my gosh was she ecstatic!! it changed her life I'm sure! :)
They are also the most amazing Christians ever!!! I love it! this morning we did our devotions together and it was so awesome to hear what they had to say and how much they love the Lord!! Almost the entire week all we have talked about the Lord and how faithful He is and what He is teaching us and has been teaching us!! My grandma praises the Lord after everything! even little things like being able to walk stairs! It's also really cool to see their view on things like worship and CCCM and stuff it's very interesting!!

We just hung out this morning then hit the gym before lunch and then went swimming after lunch and now are just relaxing probably going to play some more wii something tonight!! my parents fly in tomorrow so that should be fun too!!!
oh and check this out it's so cool!