Friday, May 22, 2009

Schools Out for the Summer

I realized that I have not posted in a really long time! Well that is mostly because I have been so insanely busy with school! With all of my papers and presentations and tests I have had no time to enjoy life!

This week was so crazy!! On Tuesday I thought I had my final for my stress and coping class so i finished the paper for it on Monday night and thought I was good. Then on Tuesday morning when I went to school at 8 I realized that my final for the day was at 10:45!! What? oh and it was in my marriage and family class. I had not even started the paper for that class yet! ugh... So i went home and started working on my paper. I had no time to waste! I didn't even eat or go to the bathroom oh my gosh i thought I was going to die! how do you write a 10 page paper in and hour and a half!! insane! Some how I was able to write it. I didn't read over it or anything so I am sure I missed a ton of errors! oh well but i made it to class (20 minutes late) and took the test which i had not studied for because i thought it was on Thursday! that was the most stressful morning of my life!

After that the rest of the week went well! I finished the rest of my papers! (my paper on rape ended up being 18 pages.)

So now i am done for the summer well kind of i do have a final next week in my sociology class.

And on Sunday I am leaving for a cruise!! heck yes I am so excited! I will post when i get back!!