Thursday, August 20, 2009

When God Opens a Different Door

Sorry this is really long but it's totally awesome to see what the Lord is doing!

So over the last few years and really over the last year I have been praying alot! Mostly praying about direction for my life. What does God want me to do? Where does He want me to live? How does He want me to live? What things need to change? What things do I need to devote more time in? What things is He just saying wait? and the list goes on and on. At first I was really discouraged I was getting no answers or not that I saw at least. I got involved in new ministries like the Monday night hospital ministry, and the Tuesday night hard ball ink bible study, and a women's bible study for recovering addicts and a few others. Basically I was busy doing ministry every night of the week and loving it. I wanted to start a high school girls discipleship group and a Jr high girls discipleship group and some other things! I love being a part of ministry!

Then I realized I didn't have as much of a relationship with the Lord anymore. It was more about what can I do for the Lord and being involved in ministries. I realized I wasn't spending as much personal time with Him as I needed to. I went a few months without even going to a bible study where I could just sit and receive. Every time I went to a bible study I was leading worship or involved in some way. Even when I went to Atlanta for the weekend I ended up singing at church there. It was crazy.

Then the Lord showed me how much personal time I was really spending with Him. It wasn't much. I was trying so hard to figure out exactly what the Lord wanted me to do by trying everything and getting involved in everything that came my way instead of waiting on Him to show me the door to walk through.

At JR. High camp the Lord really showed me that He was going to start cutting ministries out and if I was willing to do whatever HE wanted me to do that He was going to show me what things to do. So I surrendered all of my ministries to Him and let Him take control. I made a list of all the ministries I was involved in and let God start the process of crossing things off.

When I got back from camp the leadership team at my church wanted to take me out to lunch because they said they needed to talk to me. I was kind of scared? I mean I had just asked the Lord to do His will and take away the ministries that He didn't want me involved me and my church leadership needed to talk to me.

So anyway the Lord opened a door that I never thought about. Max had the opportunity to move back to yucca and go to the school of ministry there. With him moving back they asked if i would pray about taking over the worship leader position. I was not expecting the Lord to do that!! He opened a totally different door. I never wanted to be the worship leader for a church. I love singing with people and leading for small groups but I never planned on leading for an entire church. I prayed and prayed and the Lord kept confirming that it is exactly where He wants me right now. I was shocked! So basically I am now the worship leader for Braveheart Fellowship. I am excited to see what the Lord is going to do next and what He has in store for our church! There have been alot of changes in the last year and I am excited to see what the Lords plan is!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Home From Alaska

Ok so we just got home from Alaska! it was a totally awesome trip we had a really good time! It was fun hanging out with family and meeting new people!! all in all it was great trip!

When I get a chance this week I will post some pictures and write more about it!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Tuesday we went on a paddle boat tour it was fun I guess the best part
was seeing the sled dogs and watchig them practice. They are really
fast I think we should hook daytona and Cali up and go :)

Then we went to a gold mine place and panned for gold. It was pretty
sweet I got 12 dollars worth of gold sweet :)

Yesterday we took a train to denali national park. Then we took a 7
hour bus ride into the park to look for animals. It was way to long
and not enough animals. I don't think I would suggest going on that
tour. We saw caribou, foxes, bears, rabits and bears. Not really worth
the boric bus ride.

This morning we got up early and hiked up a mountain it was really
steep I think t wasn't realy a hiking path more like a run off for the
snow. It was fun and a lot of work.

Now we are waiting to board the bus to go to talketana. I guess that's
where the start the hike to mnt mikinley.

I'll try and post pictures soon!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Yeah Alaska!!!

After a long red eye flight we finally arrived in Fairbanks Alaska. I
have always wanted to go to Alaska and I am so excited to be here and
even more excited that my parents are paying:)

Well today I think we are going to do a little sight seeing around
here then my cousins get here tonight and the land tour starts tomorrow.

I guess I'll have to post when I can and when I have Internet