Monday, January 25, 2010

carp and murrieta

These last few weeks i deff feel like i do not live at home any more! I still am not totally unpacked because I know I just have to pack again it's crazy but so enjoyable!

Let's see I went to Murrieta for the youth workers conference that was really Good! I feel like I was really able to get real with the Lord and He slapped me in the face a few times! It was really good!

Then I came home and left again the next Monday for carpinteria in the rain! Oh my gosh the rain was crazy driving up there a few times i thought to myself "what am I doing?" But I wanted to visit Al and Nina and the Girls before I started school again! It was so amazing to get to go up there. It was relaxing not to have anything that I had to do and just to sit and play with the girls and talk to Al and Nina! I miss them so much!

Of course it rained pretty much the entire time I was there every time it cleared up for a couple of minutes we went out side so Nevaeh could ride her bike crazy girl! Char is getting so big I can't believe it! I love it when she sings!! especially Hosanna and Mighty to Save it made me so excited!! And the Lord is definitely using Nina to change my heart towards so many things I am excited to see what the Lord has in store next for my life not that I can really handle much more! Nina thank you for talking with me and letting me talk! You are such a blessing and I am praying for you for sure!!

Ok so I got home from Carp on Wednesday and then Friday I went back to Murrieta to lead worship with Lindsay Gatlin at a widows retreat! I know your thinking what? a widows retreat really? Let me tell you it was the biggest blessing!!!

It was such a reminder for me of how blessed I am and How much I really take for granted! these women have lost their husbands and some there children as well and are still able to worship the Lord and see that the Lord has a plan through it all! I have so much to be thankful for and I am so unthankful!

Another thing spending time with them helped me remember is how important it is to tell people that you love them and to appreciate them! You never know how long you have with that person so tell them often!

I'm sorry I'm not better at remembering to take pictures I will try and be better at that!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Amazed everytime

I am so amazed every time the Lord does something and so amazed that He would choose to bless me and answer my prayers!

In case I have not said it enough prayer changes things! It's always so cool to see the Lord answer prayers that you don't expect Him to really answer! Maybe it's just me because I pray about everything... I guess it's more like I have conversations with God about everything. But it's so exciting when He provides and does things when we don't really ask for it. Like sometimes it's something that I am complaining about and suddenly it happens it's so encouraging!

Ok Maybe it's just me??

Ok that was all super vague but bottom line God really does care and love us! It should totally change the way we live!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Le'ts go ice skating

Jake and I decided we needed to do something outside of church with the youth group at Braveheart. Since we only have a few boys in the youth group it was really easy to plan something. So, yesterday we all went ice skating!

We had a great time skating and sliding and everything else! It was fun to hangout with the boys and get to fellowship outside of a church environment I think everyone had a great time!