Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Flagstaff weekend

At the Youth workers conference in January Jake and I met some awesome people from flagstaff Arizona and became friends with them. We decided we needed to go to flagstaff one day and hangout with them since technically they came to California already! Then since Jake left his bible in Cody's car we decided we would definitely have to go (you know so he could get it back).

So we planned to go. The church in flagstaff was planning to have a special Valentines dinner thing so we thought that would be the perfect excuse to go out that weekend. So we did!

So we left Thursday afternoon and drove the long drive to flagstaff Arizona. We got there at like 2am which is kind of crazy! The drive was fun (aside from the traffic) and surprisingly did not feel that long.

It was really fun to get to hangout with everyone again and this time hanging out way more! we did lots of Walmart trips (that's what they do for fun) and threw lots of snowballs.

Jake and I had the privilege of getting to lead worship on Sunday morning for Calvary flagstaff which was a total blessing! everyone at the church is super nice and welcoming!

And then the valentines dinner/event that night was tons of fun! there was even dancing which of course just made everything a little more crazy! and then we left that night at like 12am AZ time (11pm CA time) and got home at 530am CA time! we decided next time we are driving in the day time we were so tired driving home it was not cool!

Ok I am officially the worst picture taker ever! not that I am horrible at taking pictures I just don't take them! sera was always the photographer when I went places so when she is not there I just don't take them! sorry! When I get more pictures from other people that actually took them I will post another blog with them!

At outback for dinner (drew, cody, Roman, me, Brent-the waiter, and jake) (rihanna was taking the picture and tallen and ryan were somewhere)

The boys dancing

this is the view from make out point (Roman decided he needed to take all of us up there) (it was me and a car full of guys, a little strange)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

A New Semester

So last week started the Spring 2010 semester for school. OH Joy!

I only got one of the classes I actually need for my major so it should be an interesting semester I am also only taking 13 units which is very strange! (I usually take at least 15 one semester i even took 23)

So this semester I will probably be struggling with the motivation to actually finish work and do the things I need to!

I have a jogging class that shouldn't be to bad all we have to do is run a mile Monday and Wednesday mornings at 7am not bad i am used to running at least 2 miles everyday so I should be fine!

Then I have a family culture class in which we are studying different cultures and how families interact with in those cultures it kind of seems like a repeat of a few classes that I have already taken. boring!

I have an American Government class that I really just don't care about. Although I think my teacher might be a Christian so that could be really interesting!

I am interested in 2 of my classes the first being my gerontology class. yes the study of aging and old people! I thought it was going to be horrible but my teacher is totally cool and loves the subject so she is making the class really interesting!

The other class that I am interested in is my Child Abuse class. I know that sounds strange to be interested in but I am! I really want to understand more about abuse, how to prevent it, what I can do, how to help people that have been in those situations everything! I am super interested! although it is a very depressing class and I feel like it's going to be very hard to deal with it will be good and good information for me to have!