Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Festival of Life part 1

A couple of weeks I go I was asked by Sarah Yardley if I would consider being a part of the festival of life team. I had no idea what that even meant or what they were doing. The only thing I knew was that a group of high schoolers were going to the Coachella Valley to help with some outreach thing. So I told her to send me the info i would pray about it.

The next day i found myself texting her and saying God said I need to go but I have idea what I am getting myself into. I still don't really know what the whole trip involves but I do know that I am supposed to go and that God is in control. We are helping out with outreaches and things surrounding the festival of life http://www.lovmovement.com/

I am actually really excited about it! The Lord is taking me out of my comfort zone and placing me in the unknown! I leave next Wednesday and come back Saturday night! I will post another blog on it when I return with all the things that the Lord did!

Till then prayer would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

God and Time

God totally expanded my time today! I was so overwhelmed this week! I had so many tests, papers, and projects due this week. I have actually been working on my projects and papers last week and all week (I usually do them last minute). Even though i had been working really hard all week last night I still did not have everything done. I was so exhausted last night that i finally just went to bed and decided I would finish it in the morning.

I prayed before going to bed that the Lord would expand my time and that i would be able to finish the projects and still have time to study for my 930am class.

I got up early and started working my projects to my surprise I was able to finish the first one pretty quickly. I even had time to make breakfast and study while I was making it and eating. After my test I had time to go back home before my 1230 class and finish my other project. I finished everything by 11 and had a full hour free. I kinda freaked out a little thinking i really don't have anything I have to do right now. So I worked out :)

It's exciting to see God providing the time to do things and helping me finish things.

God really does care and He answers prayers!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Child Abuse Project

This semester one of my classes is on child abuse and prevention. As our main project for the semester we have to find pictures and articles about child abuse and put them together in a book. I knew this project was going to be eye opening but I did not realize how much I was going to be effected by the pictures and videos I would find.

I started researching pictures for child abuse which led me to more research which then led me to research on domestic violence and more on human trafficking and other things... I posted a blog before about human trafficing go check that one out too....

I'm not going to say much on any of these subjects I'll let pictures speak for themselves

One thing I do have to say is I found a website (http://osocio.org/category/abuse/) which had all these advertisements that nonprofits have done to help make people aware of what goes on! go check it out it will make you think for sure! the thing is all of the ads that I found and videos and everything come from other countries i didn't find one from the US what's up with that?

What can we do to help stop these things?

This is an ad in a high traffic area in australia

There is a camera that senses when a person is watching the screen and when you turn away it changes... to say that when people are watching everythign looks great but what happens when no one is watching?

A clock they put in some public places in the philippines

One of the captions for this said one brand no women should wear...

You should totally check out that website too it's got so many more videos and pictures...

There are so many resources for domestice violence and child abuse and human trafficing...

Domestic Violence:
1.800.799.SAFE (7233)

Child Abuse:

Human Trafficing:

Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunrise Assisted Living

For my Gerontology class I have to do 3 hours a week volunteering at a senior center. not that I have more time to spend somewhere else. I chose Sunrise Assisted Living in Huntington Beach. I chose this place for a couple of reasons. one it is in Huntington Beach which is nice that I don't have to drive to Long Beach to do my project. Also they said that I can bring my dog if I want to. So EXCITING!!!!

So I have been going the past few weeks. This week I took Daytona! I was so excited to be able to take her out of the house and brighten someones day! When we first got Daytona we decided we wanted to train her to be able to go to hospitals and other places as a therapy dog! today that actually happened!!!

She loved it! She was just excited to get out of the house and ride in the car! And of course all the people giving her attention helped her enjoy the experience even more! It was so cool to see the joy on the peoples faces that I have been getting to know over the past few weeks. It's awesome to see that just the presence of a happy dog changes a person and makes them so much happier!! I am definitely taking her back next week!

Sadly they dont want us to take pictures in there so you can't see how excited people were