Friday, August 20, 2010

England update

As I am Number one... horrible at remembering to take pictures and Number two.... horrible at making time to update my blog

Here is a link to a bunch of pictures from our trip also if you go to my facebook you can see a bunch of pictures!!


The whole trip was great! The Lord really did a work in my heart and in many others!!
Thanks for the prayers!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

First Few Days

Here we are in England. Our cottages are so cute(I'll put picts up later). The area we are in is so beautiful I would move here!! It's all farmland. I went for a run this morning and ended up running behind some sheep which you don't get in california!! The day (2 days) of travel were really long and exhausting! but we finally arrived.

Yesterday we went out to a few different cities and handed out fliers and talked to people about the festival and Jesus. Last night a few people went to a Pub in town and did an open mic kind of thing. I stayed back with a group and prayed for the team that was out. Everyone that went said they had an awesome time!

Today 7 girls and i went to the festival sight and did a lot of organization stuff and administrative stuff. I love getting to do that kind of thing on missions trips. I had a really good time.