Monday, May 13, 2013

Oil based paint

In case you ever get oil based paint on your hands or legs or arms or wherever here is how to get it off.

I am all about home remedies for things! I believe there is a home remedy for just about everything and I love learning what they are. One day I would like to make a book with all the things you can do with household things that you never thought you could. Like making your own goo gone (I could post about that later)

So here is your household products use for getting oil based paint off your hands.!

I know you can use turpentine but that stuff is terrible for your skin and not something you should be putting on your body.
It even says: causes skin irritation

The other day we were painting chairs with oil based paint and after we finished well we had a bit on us but didn’t think much of it. Anri went to wash off the paint brushes (in the sink-not a good idea) and ended up with the paint all over her hands and unable to get it off. Her hands just kept getting stickier and more coated with the paint. Of course I first told her she was going to have to live with her hands that way forever!
stickier and thicker!

I quickly looked on line to find someway to get it off. The only thing I found was to use mayonnaise but we didn’t want to waste expensive mayo on hands so I started thinking. I figured it had to be the oil in the mayo that made it work so I figured lets put some oil on your hands and then lets add salt as a scrubbing agent.
We did that and it worked out marvelous after just a few scrubs the paint was all off. Her hands were just oily. So with some dish soap the oil was off in no time! Her hands ended up really soft and smooth as well. I think I may want to wash with oil and salt sometime soon!