Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Morepork

The other night I was sitting with the kids reading the new Bear Grylls adventure book to them. As we were reading about smugglers, and jumping out of an airplane over the Sahara desert we heard a loud bang against the window.

We immediately jumped up to see what it was. We looked out the window and saw a small owl (called a morepork) lying on the ground. We ran outside to see if it was still alive or dead and what we should do with it. To our amazement it was alive. Henri ran and got gloves while Anri ran to get a box and blanket to keep it warm. After bringing it inside to get warm we started trying to figure out what to do next. As it was a holiday we weren’t sure who to call or where to take the bird that would be open.

We called the Bird Rescue center but there was no answer. Then Amanda remembered that our neighbor used to be a vet and might know what to do. The kids and I ran over to our neighbors house and asked him if he knew what to do or could come over. He told us he would come over and check it out.

Mr. Mortimer checking out the owl
When he got to the house we led him to the garage where we were keeping the bird warm in a box. He stuck his hands in and picked up the baby morepork. We watch eagerly hoping the owl would be alright. As soon as he got it out of the box the owl was trying to get loose. Our neighbor examined its eyes and said it probably had a concussion but was alright. He set it on the ground outside and after a minute of adjusting the owl flew away.

We were a little disappointed that we weren’t going to be able to keep it for few days and nurse it back to health, but we were even more excited that it was alright and able to fly off.

It was quite an exciting night and definitely a memory we will not forget anytime soon.