Monday, April 26, 2010

Mud Run!

Saturday My parents, Jake, and I all went and did the OC eco mud run! we had a really good time and got all muddy!! This is my 2nd year doing it! Everyone should come do it with me next year!!! :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Festival of Life part 2

I was so incredibly blessed to be able to be a part of this festival of life team! I love each and every high schooler that came and that i got to meet and spend time with! When Sarah first asked me to be a part of it i was unsure an then i found myself saying yes and thinking what in the world I am so not equipped for this and I don't even know most of the kids that are going!

I am totally blown away by what the Lord did. My side of the trip was very different than most of the others that went. But that's how all missions trips end up for me. I did not lead anyone to the Lord in fact I did not even end up talking to many people that were not on the ministry teams. But I did get the chance to pray A LOT.

I think sometimes we forget the importance of prayer. I realized while we were at the juvenile hall ministering to the teenagers there that while I thought I was there to talk to the kids I really was there to lead worship and to pray. The Lord has a funny way of doing things like that to me.

Pretty much everytime that I thought I would be doing one thing God ended up having me pray it was awesome and a great reminder of how important intersesory prayer really is!

I really enjoyed my popsicle and story time at night with most of the high school girls. They got to hear my entire "love" story and parts of my testimony and the things that the Lord does in my life. And some super exciting stories of what they now think is my really exciting life!

We had really long, hot, days in the sun but all in all it was such a blessing!

I was so blessed to be able to go and can't wait to do another trip like this! For stories and such from the trip check out

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

petie and rosa

After last night and someone trying to break in I was not going to sleep at my house alone. Chances are no one was going to try again but I was still a little freaked so my good friend Katt spent the night.

We had the craziest memorible night ever!!!

While outside Daytona started freaking out at this box that is in our drive way. She was going crazy like there was something inside. Of course that made me a little nervous. After all that happen the night before, what was in that box? so Katt and I decided we needed to take a peak. I got a broom and slowly wedged the box open. To our suprise peaking around a bucket was this guy (Petie- that's what we named him)

we were trying to get a better picture but we didn't want to get to close and he was kinda hiding.

We tried to call animal control but they were closed and we couldn't find a 24 hour one.

So we proped the box open with the broom and went to my parent's window to watch. We were kind of excited to see what it would do. After a while Petie jumped out. However He did not just get out and run away. As soon as he got out he turned around and we could hear that there was another opossum moving around in the box. (Oh my gosh 2 opossums) (maybe it had babies in there.)

So we watched. Petie jumped back in. So then it got us thinking we need to research opossums. We found out so much interesting stuff about them. Apparently they are marsupials which means that they carry their babies in a pouch.

Next we saw another opossum jump out. This time we noticed that it totally had babies in a pouch. No joke! it was crazy!! so we named her Rosa. Very Long story short Petie and Rosa got out of the box and ran away. We are now going to check and see if they came back?

We had a very exciting night. And now we know way more about opossums that we ever wanted to know. :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

911 call at 330am

Matthew 5:44 says to love your enemies so why is that so hard to do sometimes?

Last night (i guess this morning) at 330am I was awakened by noises outside of my window and my dog growling. At first I thought oh it's probably a rat or something whatever. Then I heard loud heavy breathing. Then I heard what sounded like someone jiggling the door handles to our cars it was really freaking me out. Since my parents are in Utah for the week and I am home alone I was getting really scared. I thought of all these things like... Should I go get a gun and load it just in case?... or should I turn on all the lights?... or should I just scream?.... I didn't know if I should just call 911 or what so finally after the noises really started to sound like a person and didn't go away I picked up my phone and called 911.

The lady was super nice she sent officers over and stayed on the phone with me until they got there and I could talk with them. of course by the time they got to the house I had turned on all of the lights and the sounds had been gone. But they checked everything out in the front yard and the back yard just to be sure. and Daytona just barked and barked at them (which really scared one of them which i thought was funny.)

After the cops left I was still freaked out because who knows where the person went and if they would come back or whatever. So I went to bed but couldn't fall asleep. My first thought was praying that the person would get bitten by one of the black widows that lives in our drive way.

Then I thought God wants us to love our enemies and to pray for them. So I found my self praying that someone would come into their lives and share the love of Jesus with them. I kind of freaked myself out by praying that because that's not a normal thing for me to do.

I realized it's easy to pray for our friends. Yet so hard to pray good things to those that do wrong to us. Let's start praying and loving our enemies more.